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Wellness care is a concept of addressing all aspects of a patients life in order to allow them to be as "Well" as possible. It stems from the holistic approach we are always striving for.

Patients will experience wellness care in the form of advice on aspects of their physical activity levels, emotional health, food and drink intake.

Is there anything you value more than your health?

Why we don't all have good health can be due to lifestyle choices and a reason we don't move away from these choices are because we perceive the journey to be too hard.

Complete Lifestyle

Debbie Saxton is also a qualified Wellness practitioner and part of her aim is to educate you to ask the right questions, to make the right decisions and move you towards health. This journey is not hard it is a slow gentle drift down a river in an inner tube not an uphill swim against the current!

For more information visit the Complete Lifestyle page.