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Sports Injuries

At the Family Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Centre we offer an innovative Sports Injury Clinic which combines Chiropractic and Physiotherapy care.

Physiotherapists have long been associated with the care of sportsmen and women, but In recent years Chiropractors have been increasingly utilised in elite competition.

Advances in Sports Medicine have seen more professionals now turning to a combination of the two professions with evidence indicating that athletes undergoing multi-disciplinary care not only heal quicker but are at a lower risk of re-injury and perform better.

The unique combination of both Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatment can:

  • Promote Efficient and Speedy Recovery
  • Prevent further injury
  • Enhance performance 

Physiotherapists look to treat injuries by optimising the environment for repair using specific rehabilitative techniques whilst  Chiropractors use precise adjustments to normalise function in the nervous system helping the healing process, preventing further injury and maximisation of performance.

This combination of care helps you to:

  • Recover from injury!
  • Get back in the game!
  • Maximise your performance!

Our aim is to bring this combination of treatment to all athletes from

  • Individual to Team Players
  • Young to Old
  • Amateurs to Professionals

Whilst being cost effective and affordable whether you’re playing for your country or your local club.

Sports Injuries Treated