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Our Team

We pride ourselves on the quality of care that you receive at the centre, however we couldn't provide top quality care without a top quality team!  Click on the links below to find out more about all our team members.


Ben Grant, D.C Photo


   Dr Ben Grant (DC)

Ben is our sports injury specialist, working with patients of all ages and level of ability, helping them to achieve their sporting potential.

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   Dr Debbie Saxton (DC)

Debbie is our paediatric specialist, treating pregnant patients and babies up to teenagers - her youngest patient was 9hrs old!

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 Niko Skobris, Doctor of Chiropractic  


   Dr Niko Skobris (DC)

Niko is our technique specialist, there are very few techniques he hasn't been trained in and he uses his knowledge to tailor his treatment to each and every patient.

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   Dr Nicola Reid (DC)

Nicola is our McTimoney Chiropractor, the gentle nature of the technique used is a combination of Soft Tissue Therapy, stretching and exercises to provide comprehensive patient care which allows Nicola to adapt to all patients needs.

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    Mr Jamie Noble (MCSP) 

Jamie is our rehabilitation and sports injury specialist, he works closely with our chiropractors to aid return from injury and injury prevention.

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