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Babies & Children


Dr Debbie Saxton D.C. (Dr of Chiropractic) specialises in chiropractic care for babies and children known as paediatrics. The work she does has created a reputation in the area and we now have GP's and health visitors making referrals to the centre.

As well as treating babies and children with specific complaints, many patients bring their children in just for regular maintenance health checks. Even if they are unaware there are any problems, Debbie will assess the spine, joints, posture, and function of the nervous system to see if there are any developing areas of concern. If treatment is needed it is gentle and safe. Pressure used is no more than you would place on your eyeball and there are no audible “clicks” or “crunches”.

Ensuring our children grow out of problems and not into them may be the greatest health gift we could offer them.

We are diligent at checking such as the teeth, eyesight, hearing, height and weight-but nobody checks the one system that controls it all – the nervous system.

You can never be healthy and well if that system is out of balance – Chiropractic care removes stressors from that system and creates balance.

Children are not just little adults; they deserve to be treated by someone with specialist knowledge and understanding of their health. 

Chiropractic is also very beneficial during Pregnancy.


After the baby is born it is very important to have a thorough neurological check-up within the first 6 weeks of life. Birth can be very traumatic for the baby, being on the inside of every contraction can have some very negative effects on the function of the babies immature nervous system. At the first session we do all the regular baby checks such as height, weight and head circumference as well as all relevant developmental scales including age specific reflexes, we also do a full Chiropractic assessment of the movement of the cranial bones, upper neck and pelvic joints, if necessary extending the examination to the limb range of movements. Any force applied is no more than you would apply to your eye ball and some babies sleep through the examination.

Paediatric Chiropractic care is a highly specialised area and there are very few practitioners working with small babies. Dr. Saxton is experienced in this field and has Masters-level training in the subject.

Baby checkups are typically done 5 times in the first year of life and if problems are found they will be discussed and treated until resolved. Babies are seen for a variety of complaints at this age, please call us if you have any specific questions. 


We have all been educated into the benefits of dental check-ups and dental hygiene and yet no one has taken the time to educate parents into understanding the devastating effect that subluxations in the spine can have on a child's developing nervous system; the same system that is trying to monitor and control every cell in your body every moment of every day. If that system is placed under stress it will show imbalance and failure in those areas. However, these problems are detectable and treatable. 

Chiropractic care of children is a specialist area and requires expert knowledge, that said all children should have a regular check-up. Every 6 months is fine for the detection and correction of problems. This approach allows our children to grow out of, not into, their problems. By 18 years old we have the spine, posture and joint function we will live with for the rest of our lives. Changes are hard after that point. It would be like eating sugar for 18 years, never cleaning your teeth or visiting a dentist and then being forced through pain to seek help only to discover the terrible state your teeth are in and that help is limited, painful and expensive.

Prevention is better than cure, and there is no age group this is truer for than for children-around 70% of 8 year olds have already developed a pain somewhere in their spines.

This is preventable and Chiropractic care is completely safe for children of all ages.